Because childhood is the best time to learn a foreign language, Nelberk Club des Petits offers French workshops in groups that are mainly based on listening and speaking with different formulas adapted to your child’s age and their needs.
From an early age, your kids will be naturally awakened to French through a multitude of fun activities focused on everyday life: nursery rhymes, songs, poems, games, videos, and drawings in a conducive learning environment.
Playful and in small groups, this class will allow children to get immersed in French through fun and varied activities focused on speaking and conversation as they combine learning vocabulary, songs etc. with a fun activity done in French and different each week: theater, sport, creative arts, etc …
Classes run throughout the year – Mini-groups of 6 to 15 children – 2 hours,   10-12/12-2, every Saturday at our Centre.
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